Friday, December 23, 2011

Setting Goals

Over the last few years I have been eying something that I can set as my goal prize. Since it has a weight limit of 300lbs it makes getting down to that weight my goal. So let me introduce you to the Terratrike. Made in the U.S. and from what I'm told real comfortable. Since I have problems with both balance and my right knee a recumbent style trike seems to be the answer. The Terratrike is just that type of trike. With the single wheel in the rear and the two steering wheels up front it looks a lot more maneuverable. Since someday I hope to do a lot of touring to promote more Eco related projects the new Tour II model is what I'm looking at. Strong enough to handle long rides and light enough to not tire you out after hours of riding.

Of course I still need to lose about 60lbs to get below 300lbs and since I will be adding on storage and such I need to loose even more. But if I get the trike at or around 300 then I can start riding getting use to the trike and burn even more lbs. So here's to losing to get back on the road again even if with three instead of two wheels.

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