Thursday, January 12, 2012

Recipe development

So as I have mentioned else where that I am trying to develop a recipe for multigrain bread that is more diabetic friendly. I started with a recipe that I got from America's Test Kitchen and felt that though it had good texture it was using just a bit to much white flour. Now since I have just two people at home to eat this bread it takes time between batches. The bread is very high in fiber and so is more filling and with the side effects of high fiber foods it takes time to get through the two loaves. So as things sit it is taking about one week per batch.

Why is it taking so long between batches? I'm not one to waste food. The amount of waste that is generated by people developing recipes is disgusting. I have know chefs that will make a entree and feel that after tasting it feel that it is off on seasoning. So into the trash it goes. I'm not going to throw two loaves of bread or any thing that I create into the trash just because it's not perfect. The bread is edible so until I need more bread I'm not starting the next test batch. It does make good french toast and croutons.

The first problem that I have found is that the loaves are on the small side. They are not large enough to make a suitable sandwich bread which was my original goal. Even though it may cost more per loaf I am looking to get away from grocery store "whole grain breads."

I don't have nutritional information on any of the recipes that I develop since I don't have a lab to test for it and I no expert. I just take what I learn an use it to develop what I make. Of course I'm not done developing the current project. I would post a linc to the original ATK recipe but their web site requires registration to view it. Fell free to look it up via google.

Friday, January 6, 2012

So it's a new year?

Everyone is telling me that its a new year. My response is so what it's just another day, week, and month. I haven't survived another year yet. That will be later this month when it will have been 49 years from the time of my entry into this world. That's when I start to get nostalgic and start thinking about renewal.

January 1st is the day I have to drag out a new calendar and for get to write 2012 on my checks. Yep screwed up my first rent check of the year. Now before you begin to think that I'm acting kind of like an a**hole and am being a downer remember that in a few weeks I'm going to have survived another year and that is cause for celebration at least in my humble opinion.

As for resolutions I don't make them since I have broken so many in the past (weak willed I guess). The only thing that I have stuck to for any amount of time is my sobriety and my marriage. The first is just over 30 years and the second is just over 24 years to a wonderful woman and the love of my life.

My diabetes seems to be behaving it self so far except for January 1st. Even though I had been in control and sticking to my diet with numbers around 114mg for some reason that only my body knew I woke up to a blood sugar of 224mg. and that was fasting. I think that I had a bad test though since the next day was back to 109mg. So I guess it just goes to show you not every day is the same.

Happy new year to those who observed it. I hope that you didn't get too drunk. ;)